Successful Malden Summer Festivals, Melrose Farmers’ Markets, & Fall Fairs (June-October, 2021)

Thank you to the City of Malden for their initiative in creating the Malden Summer Festivals.  They were a lot of fun and successful!  Sowing Opportunities gave away plants to the community, made new contacts, and talked about our work in Chajmaic, Guatemala.  Click here for additional information.

Thank you to Malden News Network for the nice writeup!

“Any chance you got to visit the start of the Malden Summer Festivals season? Fern Remedi-Brown was giving plants away and talking about the non-profit Sowing Opportunities, Inc. Their mission is ‘to cultivate self-sustainability, education, and wellness in rural Guatemala – one village at a time.'”


Past Events

A child drew an apple tree for Sowing Opportunities, Inc.! Thank you, Natalia!

The Malden Advocate had a great write-up of the Malden Summer Festivals:

Live musical entertainment, street performers, artisans and gaming opportunities for all ages

Information is at these links about the Melrose Farmers’ Market on

July 1st




One of Sowing Opportunities’ plants goes to a happy home! (Thank you to Roberto Udan for donating the beautiful plant!)
Bonnie Blanchard of Malden, MA sent us a photo of her “1327” tomato plant with fruit!


Chinami Baba (age 5), begonia from the August 7th Malden Festival is blooming! The bottom of her pot says, “I love you!”

See Sowing Opportunities’ recent Neighborhood View article and our recent newsletter email.

Sowing Opportunities is raising funds for a greenhouse to sustain the families through food and income.  Details at Sol y Tierra: Greenhouse Workshop Project.

The history of the water pump system is detailed at Water for Life Project.

Table at Melrose Farmers’ Market, 9/30/2021
Table at Fall Fair Jamaica Plain, October 9, 2021
Gorgeous house plant arrangement, donated by Roberto Udan