Plants for Donation or Sale to Benefit the Village of Chajmaic, Guatemala

Would you like a beautiful plant for your home or office?

Would you like to help our neighbors to have groceries or sustainable agriculture?

You can do both through your donation or purchase of a plant!

Marie Coulanges with small houseplants, 10/30/2021

Here is a sample of some of the offerings:

Many plants are available!
We have many to choose from – both large and small
Some, like the Ají Dulce, produce vegetables
Others, like the begonia, produce flowers
Or, like ginger, their roots can be cut to add spice to your cooking
And, we are proud of our heirloom peach saplings, which have a story

…and produce beautiful fruit!

Small houseplants

There are 3 white begonias, 1 spearmint, 1 peppermint, and 1 morning glory flowering plant here.
This is a flowering red begonia
This is what the red begonia looks like in full bloom.
This is a succulent plant.
This is ginger. You can uproot it, cut some of the root and replant it!
Here is another white begonia.
This is an heirloom miniature peach tree. In 3 years it will bear fruit.