Measurable Results

Timeline: 2015-2018

Accomplishments 2015-2016

  1.        INITIAL ASSESSMENT: Visit to take soil samples and assess what crops grow in a region and to assess an initial interest.
  2.       FIELD RESEARCH: Conduct field research and meet prospective partners/buyers of finished product, in order to know how to train farm workers in the target village.
  3.        BUY-IN: Meet with village leaders (“COCODES”) to gain approval, explore water sources, and meet with land owners
  • This is required in order to establish long-term relationships with village leadership and to begin negotiations for land, in order to further establish trust that Sowing Opportunities will do what it has proposed, to develop self-sustainable income through agriculture for the village

4.       LAND DOCUMENTATION: Create documentation to authenticate Olivia’s land, purchased as a minor, in her own name in the village of Chajmaic.

  • This entails a letter from the COCODES to a civil engineer, a civil engineer’s expenses, a surveyor’s expenses, lawyer’s expenses, documentation, and filing fees.
  • This is required in order to establish her leadership and protect her family.

5.       RENTAL NEGOTIATIONS: Begin face-to-face rental negotiations with land owner near Fray Bartolomé de las Casas.