Our nonprofit, Sowing Opportunities, Inc. is an official nonprofit charitable corporation in Massachusetts and we now have 501(c)(3) federal status, which allows tax-exempt status for donors. EIN 81-3388386

NOTE: If you would like your donation to be in memory or in honor of someone else, please provide that information in the note field that will be part of your PayPal check-out.

As a thank you for your generous contribution, these handmade pins by Ginny Remedi Designs are available in appreciation for donation. Gifts can only be shipped within the continental U.S.:

Water for Life pins, by Ginny Remedi Designs

Other Ways to Donate

Did you know that by going to instead of the regular amazon website, you can benefit Sowing Opportunities? The Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to Sowing Opportunities.  Every item available for purchase on Amazon is also available on Amazon Smile. You can get the same items at the same cost.  At, select your charity “Sowing Opportunities.”

Facebook fundraiser:  Donations on Facebook to US-based charitable organizations aren’t assessed a fee by Facebook.

Any donations that you have made since February 3, 2016 are tax-deductible on your 2016 or 2017 taxes (whenever you made them).*

* Here are the rules:
When an organization receives tax-exempt status, that status is recognized back to the date the organization was created. Sowing Opportunities was incorporated as a charitable nonprofit on February 3, 2016, so donations are recognized from that date.

Note: taxpayers can only deduct for the same year return.  So, donations made in 2016 can be deducted on an amended 2016 return; however, donations made in 2017 can be deducted on your 2017 return (due April 17, 2018).