First Steps

The following is an update on the work that we are doing with the Chajmaic village chili pepper project and our strategic direction.

Our target has been to raise $10,000 to fund the Guatemalan NGO CorGuate team to return to Chajmaic to negotiate with village officials and put a deposit on the land. Thus far, through individual donations, we have met just 25% of that goal.

While it is essential for our partners in CorGuate to maintain credibility with the COCODE (leaders) of Chajmaic by returning to the village with funds for a deposit, we are implementing a new strategy. We will work towards establishing the chili pepper farm, but we will set intermediate goals first.

The next stage in the revised strategy has three components: (1) to work with the people so that the entire village can receive clean, filtered water, (2) to teach the people about the importance of maintaining a clean water source for their consumption and how to do so, and (3) to train a group of 25-35 workers for one year, to become the first group of farmers. The plan is to teach about irrigation and the project on which the chili project is based in Nicaragua, which allowed multiple villages to develop self-sustaining income. This training will help the village leaders to see that we are serious about the project. Members of the village will become future partners in planting chilis and in the work to be done in the village, as coordinators.

Towards this goal, Ricardo will develop a report on what it takes to bring drinking water to the entire village.